Nassau Transfer Time (Penny Style)

If you fly around the Bahamas, all flights starting and landing from/to Nassau. You hardly can fly between other islands direct. Unless you have a private jet:-) So you will have quite some Nassau Transfer time. If you like it or not. Most of the people will tell you to take a taxi into Downtown Nassau. Nobody that you could catch a bus quite easy. Not only you save some bucks, you also will meet the worlds most friendly busdrivers. The „bus station“ is just a short walk. You go out of the Arrival Hall and all the way left. Then right, along the big road towards a roundabout. Then somewhere there. Just ask around

The first time we had to kill some time here, we did what everybody is doing. We drove into downtown and slouched along. Its actually pretty nice and very colourful.

The second time I really wanted to hang all day in a resort. I thought it must be possible to find something close by and affordable. After a while I found something. The Compass Point Resort. I paid $20 for the Day Pass and another $10 for my „14 year old daughter“. It wasn´t per se to save some bucks, than to check how far we can go with this mother and kid story. We compensated everything at the restaurant though. We had food and drinks. Well, I had drinks. My „daughter“ of course not. Maybe that was the reason she was a bit mad at me all day;-)

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