Couchsurfing Key West, Florida, USA

Every trip I like to sprinkle with some Couchsurfing. It’s the coolest way to see one side of one real life. Also I’m always fascinated that something like CS is actually working. Foreigners welcoming foreigners in their homes. For free. Also my brother surprisingly told me he would like to try it out this time. We are pretty much the opposite of each other. He traditional. Me, well…not! Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy to find a host. Miami Beach hosts only declined. But finally in Marathon, lets call him Dave, accepted. And the coolest part of it? On a sailing boat. I always wanted to sleep on one. Since I was pretty sure my brother wouldnt be that thrilled, I did what I always do. I decided to „surprise“ him. I just told him we have a host in Marathon.
We arrived after sunset and by the time Dave loaded our suitcases and four bags in his Dinghy, my brother seemed to realize that he was pennyfoxed again by his sister. Getting a life time experience, dressed as a surprise. Again I was just happy we decided a long time ago to love us always anyway. No matter what (I force him to do:-)
We stayed two nights. My brother in the bunk, waiting for the end of the night, Dave and me on the two bedbenches in the front cabin, sleeping like babies. But every surf comes to an end. Because the next one is already waiting for you. In Key Largo. For one night. With a lovely couple. On a sailingboat. My brother took it easy. Or maybe just stoic. At least he didnt took of to a motel. This time the two of us shared the front cabin. Lets call her Rachel put a lovely touch to the boat. It was gorgeous. They just got it recently. To spent the next time of their life on it. So far they volunteer in the Sailingclub for board and lodging. But as soon they got everything together on the boat, they wanna sail on. With every sunsrise on the boats, I could imagine that easily. I already always could in form of a house- or motorboat. Not really on a sailing boat. Its just so much work. All these strings and sails. But with me becoming more and more this eco fox, I realized it only can be a sailing boat. If I like it or not.
Sadly we had to leave early the next morning and couldnt spent more time with Rachel and lets call him Mike.

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  1. Tobias Müller

    Hello Penny, it was a really nice experience and the clouds were so nice in Key West 🙂

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