From Fashion to Fair: Buy Organic

The year 2016 begun and my challenge to buy only second hand OR fairtrade/organic/sustainable started.

BUT just a little reminder: Rule number #1 still is: REDUCE and REFUSE.

And if you never had some fashion fasting, I highly recommend doing that. It shows you the unimportance of shopping in the first place and makes you more relaxed about trends and must haves.

But for me it was time to shop again. But I didn’t want to do it online. Save the shops and support your local dealer! So one day I was passing by the Nomad Tribe Shop in Miami Beach. First I was enchanted by the colorful windows, then I saw the army of ethical values papered on the walls. Uiii. I thought. And entered. Besides the fact I was almost frozen to death after one minute in the shop (air con in the States are always crazy), everything was beautiful. Including the girl working in there. But that seems to be a common thing at places where people try to do good. Maybe because the job makes them happy. And happiness makes you always a bit more beautiful. Also on the outside. But that’s just my humble opinion:-)
So I stayed there for an hour. Basically trying all their brands. The first thing you realize is the softness of the organic cotton. Its crazy soft. Pure cotton coziness. Like Mother Earths Love. But yeah. Anyway. Super Stuff. Mostly black, white and grey. Pretty jogger-ish. Absolutely comfortable. You feel so cuddled. And this is how we should feel most of the time. Right?

So it’s a big Yes. YES for organic cotton. Maybe you heard about the scandal in 2010. When they sold GMO cotton as organic. So I did some research about the current situation and found the short documentary “For the Love of Fashion” from Alexandra Cousteau. Yep. As in Jaques Cousteau.
It makes pretty clear how important organic cotton is. Not only because its soft and you create better working conditions for the people, who work otherwise in a really toxic environment with all the pesticides. Also, its more economic. To quote the director of Pratibha Syntex, a textile manufacture in India, organic cotton is also cheaper. “If we look at the TRUE value of cotton…the costs that goes in water treatment, in waste management, in environmental management and in health management…if we see all that, organic would be cheaper”. Also, they can reuse most of the seeds. The movie was also financed by C&A, a huge apparel company. They don’t have the best reputation, so it might be a bit of a Greenwashing thing…but I do trust Alexandra Cousteaus reputation. And yes. Sometimes people just change for the better. Like me. Or you.

So just do some research who sells the good stuff. You have tons of shops nowadays. Maybe support real shops over Online and “made in your country” over “made in Bangladesh”. If you ask me for certain brands… I don’t know. The shirt I’m wearing is from Philantrophy and I bought it after occupying the shop for such a long time, but basically I don’t shop anymore. Just some secondhand here and there for fun. Or some festivals. Or my birthday outfit. As long as I have a room full of Ts, Hoodies, Jeans and other basics, I’m not allowed to buy all this great organic stuff. But YOU, YOU are allowed. If you are staying in Vienna, maybe check the Blog from DariaDaria. She already has a good list for that.

So. Stay Soft! And tuned. Please.

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