There is NO way to fly ZERO WASTE!

Bring your water bottle

If you are on a long haul flight (6h+) with 300 passengers and everybody is having one cup of water we save 300 cups. If you care about your body, you should drink at least 1liter. That’s five cups. Makes 1500. But if you bring a 500ml bottle, just go to the galley and ask (nicely) for a refill 2-3 times. Some flight attendants might appreciate your environmental thinking, some might appreciate you don’t bother them, when they do their rounds;-)

Bring your cup

We are still on the same flight and maybe you also wanna have some juice, beer or wine. Filling up your 500ml water bottle with some white wine might be a bit more difficult than filling it up with water. So you better have a cup. Or an empty bread spread glass. Whatever it is, it will save another 600 cups at least.
Now you might care for some tea or coffee. If you have a stainless steel cup or the bread spread jar, just use that. I personally always have an isolated bottle for my ice cold Rose Frizzantis, which works perfectly for hot drinks too. Especially in soft turbulences, you will love the fact that its also leak proof. Another 600 cups and some spilling saved. Also, reusing one cup a couple of times, or even just once, would make a big difference.

By refusing these single use plastic cups, we could save 300-2700 single use cups. On one flight!!!!

2016 we had 40Mio flights worldwide. Now you can do your math. Its insane what difference we could make if only ONE passenger would refuse ONE cup on these 40Mio flights….

Reuse your trash

On most airlines the blanket is wrapped in a plastic bag. Open it softly and use it for your first beach clean. For example.

Bring/Keep your Cutlery

If you bring your cutlery aka the Besteckset To Go you only can save the provided plastic cutlery, by giving it back to the flight attendant. Go to the galley and ask if they have a storage, where it will be reused. Because its also possible, that its meant to be trash anyway. Like most of the stuff on an aircraft. So since its already there, you might wanna keep it. For your friends without a cutlery to go for example. Same with the salt / pepper / tooth stick / napkin / sugar / refreshing towel.

Bring your Headsets/Earplugs
In modern aircrafts you can use your own headsets. If you fly with something older, the entertainment system might require these two pole headsets, you are given at the beginning of the flight. If nobody is picking them up at the end, they will be thrown away. So you might wanna keep it for your flight back at least.

Save Food
On some flights there might leftovers. You always can ask nicely if you can have another meal. If there is enough, some flight attendants are happy to give it to, instead of throwing it away. Everything, Yes EVERYTHING is meant to be trash after the flight.

Flying is a big dirty business. The massive amount of cerosin it needs, the fumes, the noise, the food waste and the trash. But for the trash it’s also up to us a bit. 40 Millions flights per year, Tendenz steigend!! So let’s do our part. Please:-)


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