Zero Waste Festival: The Lighthouse Edition

YES! The Lighthouse festival goes green! And if you go green too, you can win a festival pass for next year!

As you might know, the Lighthouse made a big step becoming a more sustainable and environmental friendly festival. Which is great! But did you know, that it’s also up to you, how much waste will be produced? And it’s also up to you, if you get the chance to win the green pass for next year. To enter the game and receive the terms of participation, you just have to visit us on the Beach Floor during the day AND show us, what you brought, to reduce trash. Here some suggestions:

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How to be a Zero Waste Party Trasher:

1. Bring your bottle
The tap water in Croatia is drinkable. By refilling your own bottle, you can save many many plastic bottles. And money. If you don’t have one yet, get yourself a bottle with a hook or any other possibilty to attach it to your clothes or bag. If you can’t attach it to yourself, it will be gone for sure. If you wanna get a Lighthouse bottle, better be quick. They are limited!









2. Bring your own thermo bottle (liquids stay hot or cold)
On the way to the Croatia, you might like to use it for coffee. On the festival, you can have your drinks from the bar in it. If you don’t have one yet, get yourself a bottle with a hook or any other possibilty to attach it to your clothes or bag. If you can’t attach it to yourself, yes, it’s also gone for sure. I know, what I am talking about.









3. Bring your Stamperl (shot glas)
Another way of reducing plastic trash. If you don’t know where to put it during partying—>


4. Bring a box, or two
It’s great for french fries or any other food you might wanna grab on your trip to Croatia. As soon as you are there, it’s perfect for leftovers at the restaurant or take away food.









5. Bring your straw
The lighthouse stopped sucking. If you like to suck, you can get paper straws at the bar. If you wanna be super cool, bring your own one. Out of stainless steel for example.









6. Bring „Attachables“
What? Stuff you can other stuff attach with. What? It’s for everything you can’t or don’t wanna carry in your pocket, bag or hands. Like bottles, pocket ashtrays or responsibilty.

  • Some bottled drinks have caps with a ring. These you can use for pocket ashtrays.
  • Cap2Go. A super great gadget to attach bottles or pocket ashtrays.
  • Petling Brackets. Another tool for bottles. And yes pocket ashtrays.
  • Carabiners


















7. Bring biodegradable glitter or leave it at home! Please:)
We all love to shine, but glitter is nothing else than microplastic. And microplastic is no good no for nobody. Especially next to the ocean. But relax, nowadays you can get Nature Glitz or Bio Glitter

8. Pocket Ashtray (reusable!!!)
Good news: You don’t have to bring one, because you will get one for free. As a little welcome gift. You don’t smoke? Take it anyway, give it to a friend at home or check out this Blogpost, about what to do with it instead:
Better Backpacking: Flaschen Rohlinge (Petlinge) and on this blog something cool is going on, which I have no clue what it is about. But there are also Petlings involved. And electric stuff, And thiings with wood: The Tostedter Trick Box

Well, I hope to see you and your zero waste gadgets at the Trash Theke on the Beach Floor. The more you bring, the easier you win:-)

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